GeoAcoustics launches versatile timer and trigger pulse system

9 March 2007

GeoAcoustics' timer and trigger pulse system, Timer2GeoAcoustics (Great Yarmouth, UK) have recently launched Timer2, a new micro controlled timing and pulse generation unit for use with marine survey equipment when triggering at different repetition rates is a requirement.

Timer2 can provide internally generated trigger pulses at any repetition rate in 1ms increments or delay or divide an externally generated pulse.

The first unit was used by Dr Peter J Ramsay of Marine GeoSolutions (Durban, South Africa) who helped to outline the unit specifications. He uses the Timer2 to synchronise the simultaneous acquisition of pinger and boomer sub-bottom profiling data. When trying to acquire these datasets together there is generally some noise or interference from each system which is recorded onto the other. This has the effect of degrading the data quality. Using this timer unit, the operator can set a fixed trigger rate and sweep period which is suitable for each dataset and then delay the one trigger to avoid the cross-system noise.

The unit is easy to set up and robust enough to withstand the rigours of mobilisations on vessels of opportunity. Its unique functionality has proved to be very effective in dealing with cross-talk noise usually associated with two independent acoustic systems deployed simultaneously.

The Timer2 firmware can be upgraded via a serial link which will also allows custom programmes to be added for functions as diverse as PPS simulation for DGPS applications, specialist timing regimes, pulse timing verification and for testing of timing dependent data strings.

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd
Shuttleworth Close
Gapton Hall Industrial Estate
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR31 0NQ
T: +44 1493 600666
F: +44 1493 651100


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