MSc in Hydrographic Surveying

Date01 September 2016-30 September 2017
VenueUniversity College London

The MSc in Hydrographic Surveying at University College London is taught jointly with the Port of London Authority. It is a full time twelve month programme in modern hydrographic surveying, starting in September each year. The aim of the programme is to educate students for careers in marine surveying in its broadest sense, whether in the off-shore sector or in port, estuary, or coastal surveys. The Department has worked particularly closely with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which has accredited the Department's programmes. This means that graduates of all programmes will have met the RICS academic requirements for membership.

The MSc in Hydrographic Surveying is recognised as a Category A programme by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO), with specialist options in Nautical Charting Hydrography and Hydrography for Coastal Zone Management.

The programme is designed to give students a broad range of experience in marine survey practice, including the acquisition and processing of hydrographic data, positioning, and charting. Teaching is reinforced through extensive laboratory and field work, both on land and aboard Port of London survey vessels. An important feature of the programme is the emphasis placed on understanding the principles that underlie the analysis and interpretation of survey data, in particular those issues that affect its quality.

Students on the MSc programme embark on an Individual Project after the examinations in May, which lasts until the end of the programme in September. The department enjoys strong links with many of the leading companies in the offshore surveying industry, and with the involvement of the Port of London Authority in the programme this leads to a very wide variety of possible topics for investigation. Project examples have been archived online.

Field courses are an integral part of the programme, re-inforcing and underlining the programmes of lectures and practicals. The first course lasts five days, and is held in the fourth week of the first term. This introduces many of the practical aspects of surveying, as well as enabling students to gather data in the field which is then used for further analysis during lecture courses and practical work.

The second field course involves an integrated project based aboard survey vessels, with supporting shore-based activities. It is designed to give experience of more advanced techniques of hydrographic surveying, and to re-inforce the issues raised during the lectures.


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