THS in Scotland Evening Meeting

THS in Scotland
Date30 May 2018
VenueCarmelite Hotel, Stirling Street, AB11 6JU

Presentations will include:

GNSS: Mitigating the Threats of Interference, Jamming & Spoofing
by Eddie Milne from Veripos

GNSS interference, jamming and spoofing is an increasing threat to marine users that can impact offshore operations due to the unavailability of GNSS positioning.

An overview of interference, jamming and spoofing and their effects on GNSS reliability and accuracy. Real world examples showing the impact of GNSS denial and it exploring how to mitigate the threats by looking at the technology available.

The World of Spoofing
by Daan Scheer from Fugro

IoT, autonomous navigating assets, smart cities & harbours, electronic road pricing, all with location as their centre piece.

Over the coming decade, processes and systems will rely more and more on quality positioning and equally these will be exposed to more cyber-attack related risks. Position integrity is therefore a clear necessity.

GNSS Jamming & Spoofing, Risks and Mitigation for Maritime users
by Aleksander Hammernes from Kongsberg

As the world's economics is changing, more threats are shown to the stability of Global Navigation Systems.

What are the risks that might occur if the spoofing and jamming errors are not accounted for.
How can spoofing and jamming be detected. Are there counter measures in place today and what can be expected in the future of GNSS positioning service.

All members and and non-members welcome.

A selection of cold food and drinks will be available from 18:30 and presentations will start at 19:00 prompt. 

There is a charge of £10 for admission payable online during registration to cover catering (please ask at the door if you require a receipt). Admission is free for Students.

Please pre-register at

For further information please contact


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