Shallow Survey 2018

Date01-03 October 2018
VenueDelta Hotel St John's, New Gower Street, A1C 6K4

The 8th Shallow Survey conference, the first to be held in Canada, takes place in the northern-most city in North America.

The theme of High Resolution Surveys in Shallow Water - Focusing on Science and Emerging Technologies will be explored using the Common Dataset, a key feature of this conference series.

The Common Data Set is a series of different surveys obtained by a range of equipment types and models over the same survey areas containing a range of bathymetric and seabed geologic conditions e.g. water depths ranging from 0 to 25+m, steeply sloping bottom, flat bottom, hard (gravel/rock) and soft (silt/mud) bottom conditions. Shallow Survey 2018 also encouraged the collection of sub-bottom profiler data. Also included with the Common Data Set will be satellite imagery from various platforms to support production of satellite derived bathymetry. 

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