The Future Subsea Digital Toolbox

THS in Scotland
Date31 October 2019
VenueAker Solutions, Dyce Drive, AB21 0BR

The modern challenges of the subsea landscape include deep and challenging terrain, environmental concerns, fluctuating cost models and an ever-increasing drive for safer operations and working conditions. These challenges are increasing the shift towards adopting digital techniques for subsea operations with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing human impact. Once considered to be 'future technology', numerous innovations are becoming prevalent across the subsea landscape such as:

  • Subsea Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Twin

As technologies become more established they become integrated to provide cost effective and agile solutions to applications that continue to grow in complexity. Above surface, digital technologies have transformed day-to-day human engagement, with advanced technologies being integrated to provide seamless digital solutions.

How can a range of surface and subsea technologies be integrated and networked to provide a Digital Toolbox for the benefit of the subsea landscape? How can the workforce keep pace with advances in technology to maximise benefit? Therefore, the topic of this seminar, The Future Subsea Digital Toolbox aims to define how individual technologies can be integrated to solve current and future problems of the subsea environment.

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Title and descriptionDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT 2019 - Presentation 11 - Matthew Brannan, EIVA
Smart Deliverables and Future Trends
11058 KbDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT Seminar 2019 - Programme
3881 KbDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT 2019 - Presentation 4 - Ioseba Tena, Sonardyne
Choosing the right marine autonomous system to gather your data
3673 KbDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT 2019 - Presentation 6 - Haynes and Boone
Here comes the future
426 KbDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT 2019 - Presentation 10 - Stephen McEntee, Qwilka
Realising the full value of subsea data
652 KbDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT 2019 - Elevator Presentation 1 - Hydromea
1267 KbDownload
PDF documentTHSiS-SUT 2019 - Elevator Presentation 4 - NIMA (Rosen)
2024 KbDownload

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