Remote Hydrography Conference & Exhibition

Date22-24 February 2022
VenueDublin Castle, Ireland

 Remote Hydrography Conference and Exhibition moved to Dublin – February 2022

The Hydrographic Society UK first began preparations for a conference focused on Remote Hydrography back in late 2019.  Due to Covid, we have already been forced to delay the event more than once during 2020 and were planning for an exciting venue in Cork, Ireland for this November.  However, we have now been informed by the venue that due to Covid-19 it will no longer be possible to run the event there this year.  Once again, we are therefore forced to delay and adjust the plan

We are now pleased to announce that we have secured the excellent venue of Dublin Castle, right in the centre of Ireland’s capital city, for the 22nd to 24th February 2022.  Remote Hydrography will be a three-day conference and exhibition focussed on developments in uncrewed platforms, associated sensors and software as well as marine remote sensing.  We are kindly supported by our partners the Geological Survey Ireland, Marine Institute, INFOMAR and Fáilte Ireland.  INFOMAR will also run their annual seminar on Monday 21st February at the same venue so that the two events can complement each other.

We hope you are able to adjust your schedules to accommodate, and once again we apologise for the further changes.  However, we are sure you understand that we can only play the cards we are dealt!

So – please put the week commencing 21st of February in your diaries and keep an eye on Remote Hydrography Conference & Exhibition - The Hydrographic Society UK ( for further updates.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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Remote Hydrography Conference and Exhibition
22-24 February 2022, Dublin
For further information see the Remote Hydrography web pages.

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