Ocean Business 2017 to host two co-located events

13 February 2017

New for Ocean Business 2017, Diversified Business Communications have announced that they are hosting two new events, organised by the Marine South East and the Enterprise Europe Network and supported by the European Commission, that focus on defence and commercial applications in autonomous systems and satellite applications.

Visitors can register for these free-to-attend events - a conference on Tuesday 4th April and a B2B match making event on Wednesday 5th April. Both events will be held alongside the Ocean Business exhibition and training forum that is being held at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton from 4-6th April.

Autonomous systems and satellite applications are both themes that are on a growth curve for investment, and are attracting widespread interest across public and private sectors. The goal of the conference is to highlight innovation priorities and initiate relationships across defence and commercial, involving major primes and SMEs.

Dr Jonathan Williams, CEO, Marine South East, said: "There is increasing convergence between defence and commercial applications in areas such as surveillance, asset tracking and cyber-security. This presents 'dual-use' opportunities for business. Not only can convergence share costs across different applications, but also it offers broader market access for innovative products and services."

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from funding bodies and meet with industry partners looking to fully exploit the entrepreneurial opportunities and synergies between dual-use products, services and technologies that can drive innovation in both the civil and defence marine and maritime sectors.

The conference will focus on two technology themes that are currently enjoying strong investment in both civil and military applications, with large numbers of SMEs in the value chain, but where dual-use priorities are not systematically identified. The theme Maritime Information Services includes satellite applications, maritime 'Internet of Things', cyber security and dual-use data analytics and web services, while the theme Sensor Platforms and Autonomy includes marine autonomous systems, energy storage for endurance, sensors and smart sensor networks.

On Wednesday 5th the Enterprise Europe Network is organising a free B2B matchmaking event to give visitors the opportunity to meet potential business partners during pre-arranged 30 minute meetings. These will create real business development opportunities not only with exhibitors but also visitors, active in the maritime sector. This event will be of particular interest to those that are looking for new customers, partners or financiers for their company or those that are looking for ways to adapt their technology for dual-use applications.

The event is open to all attendees of Ocean Business 2017 and participants at the Maritime and Defence Dual-Use event, to provide opportunities to meet civil and defence partners on a one-to-one basis. This event is organised and supported by Enterprise Europe Network, Greenwich Research & Enterprise, the National Oceanography Centre and the Maritime Technologies Sector Group and the Aeronautics, Space & Dual-Use Technologies Sector Group.

Cheri Arvonio, Project Manager of Ocean Business said: "We are delighted that Marine South East and Enterprise Europe Network have selected Ocean Business event to co-locate this conference and B2B matching event. With funding from the European Union it is an added benefit that both events are being offered on a FREE to Attend basis."


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