IFHS News Issue No. 3 available to download

15 June 2017

The latest issue of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies subscription-free electronic publication IFHS News is now available to download.

The 8-page publication encapsulates some of the excellent, innovative hydrography and research being undertaken in the countries and regions represented by the Federation's nine member societies by means of abstracts to full technical articles and/or presentations. Each abstract in any issue has been submitted by a different member society and also contains a hotlink to a download of the full article or presentation.

In addition, IFHS News also summarises recent activities and news from the various member societies and includes reports and previews of Hydro conferences and other announcements from IFHS. 

IFHS News No. 4 is due for publication towards the end of 2017.



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If you are you a member of THS UK and would like your news published here too please submit it to helen@ths.org.uk. supplying any images as standalone high-res jpegs.