University of Southampton relaunches cutting-edge 3D Chirp

24 March 2018

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Following a growing number of successful commercial campaigns, the University of Southampton has re-acquired the licensing rights for 3D Chirp (GeoChirp 3D) from Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd and is teaming up with SAND Geophysics Ltd to drive further growth and development.

3D Chirp is a decimetre-resolution, 3D sub-bottom profiler that provides unparalleled true 3D imagery of the foundation zone in a range of different environments.  It was originally developed by the University's National Oceanography Centre in collaboration with GeoAcoustics Ltd and the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, using funding from GeoAcoustics Ltd, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and English Heritage.

Capable of quantifying the dimensions of discrete buried targets as small as several tens-of-centimetres, the 3D Chirp has proved extremely effective at discriminating potential Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), cable/pipeline depth of burial assessment, pre-foundation site investigation and the imaging of archaeological sites. Data has been collected in a wide range of water depths, from inter-tidal sites up to 150m in fully open marine environments.

Following the re-launch, the University will maintain and operate the current system with a research and development focus, whilst SAND Geophysics, a specialist high-resolution marine geophysical service provider who have conducted over 15 surveys with 3D Chirp over the last two years, will provide a commercial package comprising operations, and/or processing and interpretation services and enhance the commercial capabilities and versatility of the technology.

SAND Geophysics has also welcomed Jerome Malgorn to their team. Jerome was the principal engineer on 3D Chirp whilst at Kongsberg GeoAcoustics and he will lead the way with the next phase of development in collaboration with the University.

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd
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Gapton Hall Industrial Estate
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR31 0NQ
T: +44 1493 600666
F: +44 1493 651100

National Oceanography Centre
Joseph Proudman Building
6 Brownlow Street
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T: +44 151 795 4800
F: +44 151 795 4801


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