Awash with colour

6 March 2019

march_19_-_awash_with_colour.jpg (48.4 K)

Following the successful outcome of a legal case relating to fishing rights in the Wash, on the East Coast of the UK, Dr Steve Taylor of Geomatix Ltd (right) recently presented an unusual piece of artwork to Steven Williamson (left), Managing Director of Lynn Shellfish, King's Lynn.

Steve who specialises in tidal prediction and hydrography said "This lengthy landmark case hinged on the tides and the sandbank contours and how they had changed with time. It involved a lot of detailed chartwork with some maps dating back hundreds of years. It made its way to the Supreme Court and set a legal precedent.

Seven years after first being approached to act as an expert witness in the unusual case, Steve took a break from his usual work to create Awash with Colour from the Wash seabed survey data. It depicts the contours coloured in an unusual way, providing an immersive rainbow-like effect.    

Geomatix Ltd
North Street
Barrow upon Humber
DN19 7AP
T: +44 1469 532 481


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