RS Aqua launches partnership with SeaDrone

20 April 2019

RS Aqua is partnering SeaDrone to bring the world's most cost-effective high-performance micro ROV to the UK and Ireland.

SeaDrone is a robust micro ROV with a vectored thruster arrangement for exceptionally stable performance. The five thrusters provide smooth control and superior manoeuvrability.

SeaDrone have designed, developed and manufactured the SeaDrone Inspector range since 2015. SeaDrone's Inspector 3 is a micro ROV specifically designed for inspections in the aquaculture, maritime and defence sectors.

Inspector 3 has a symmetric drag profile that ensures when you turn the vehicle, it will hold its ground and will not get swept downstream. This allows you to record full HD video and capture still images while operating in crosscurrents up to 2.5 knots.

RS Aqua Ltd
Units 4-6 Hurst Barns
Hants GU34 3PL
T: +44 1730 828222
F: +44 1730 828128


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