NOC becomes an independent charity

2 November 2019

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has been operating as an independent self-governing organisation - a charitable company limited by guarantee - since the beginning of November 2019.

The move will equip the NOC with the freedom it needs to develop further as a world-class research institution, and it will remain a trusted source of scientific advice, data and information as it seeks to make sense of changing seas. The NOC will continue to play a prominent role in international scientific collaborations and engagement in international bodies, such as the upcoming UN Decade of the Ocean and continue to operate the two state-of-the-art research ships, RRS James Cook and RRS Discovery, as well as manage Europe's largest fleet of robotic vehicles.

The NOC will still be strategically funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), part of UK Research and Innovation, as it continues to provide UK National Capability in ocean science.

A trading subsidiary, NOC Innovations Ltd, has also now been established to undertake work of a more commercial nature, including exploitation of intellectual property. Details of this work can be found on a new website. Charitable status will assure protection of the NOC's primary public benefit purpose.

A new NOC Board of Trustees is now in place, chaired by John Hirst CBE, and is ready to take on the task of guiding the NOC forwards on this exciting next phase of the organisation's journey.

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  Remote Hydrography postponed to 23-24 September 2020
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