Teledyne Marine announces Academic Product Grant

14 January 2020

Teledyne Marine is offering aspiring hydrographers and oceanographers the opportunity to use its leading-edge technology for programmes planned for 2020, free of charge, via its Academic Product Grant. 

The 2020 grant is open to all students on relevant course at accredited universities or institutions and provides up to 6 months' free product usage of an entire technology suite together with technical support. 

Products included in this year's grant include ADCPs, acoustic releases, DVLs, multibeam and imaging sonars, and hydrophones. Applicants can apply for one or more of these products as required.

Teledyne Marine seabed mapping portfolio can be utilised for applications ranging from extremely deep to shallow water. It can match client requirements for size, ease of use and performance, according to the budget. Also available are accessories such as sound velocity sensors, brackets, mountings, gondolas and cables, motion compensation and INS systems. Its PDS software offers turnkey packages single beam and multibeam echo sounders and scanning sonar.

Online applications must be submitted by 6th March with awards expected to be announced during Oceanology International 2020.

Visit for more information.