Sonardyne Fusion 2 software update adds new capabilities for offshore survey and construction

19 May 2020


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 Simplified surface box-in is one of the additional benefits Fusion 2 now provides to offshore surveyors.


Underwater positioning specialist Sonardyne International Ltd. has increased the capabilities of its Fusion 2 software package to enable surveyors and construction personnel to do even more, both on and offshore, with their existing hardware.

This latest release of Fusion 2 unlocks new benefits, including a simplified surface box-in app and the ability to perform wireless structure deflection monitoring, without having to deploy specialist hardware. Additionally, Fusion 2 now includes 'office’ mode as standard, allowing project teams to plan and fine tune procedures before doing them for real offshore. Multi-user mode now comes as standard when using Sonardyne’s Compatt 6+ transponder arrays, bringing the savings of simultaneous operations to all users.

Until now, structure deflection monitoring (SDM) – a requirement for most construction campaigns – usually meant having to buy or rent dedicated systems that require lots of cabling. Now, with the Fusion 2 SDM rentable add-on module, subsea construction staff can install their existing Compatt 6+s on each corner of a structure that is to be installed, and a Gyro Compatt 6+ and, supported by their existing ROVNav 6+ remotely operated vehicle (ROV) transceiver, launch straight into wireless structure deflection monitoring. This new capability reduces interfaces, costs and complexity, making operations simpler and faster.

With the new complimentary office mode, users can do more from onshore, including planning for LBL and INS offshore campaigns and running tests such as geodetic checks, through to post-processing of LBL calibrations, reducing offshore workload and risk. The new box-in app makes interfacing with third-party USBL systems, such as HiPAP, for range only box-in operations far simpler and easier – and again is enabled as standard.

With just a single cable connection from the vessel’s USBL system to Fusion 2, operators will be able to run seamless real-time box-in operations. What’s more, Compatt 6+ multi-user functionality is now free to access through every Fusion 2 system, enabling up to five different users at any one time for operations from box-in to ROV tracking, all via a simple Compatt selection interface.

Edward Moller, Global Business Manager – Construction Survey, at Sonardyne, says, “With each update to Fusion 2, we’re adding new capabilities and increasing the ease and simplification of what are in fact complex survey and construction operations. In the past, for many operations, different systems need to be interfaced, which made operations inefficient, and specific hardware was needed for certain operations. Now, it comes in one package that works with the hardware operators already have in their inventories.”

Fusion 2 Version 2.02 will begin shipping from today (May 19) and is available as a free of charge remote infield upgrade to existing owners of a Fusion 2 license. Users are advised to email their request to: Pricing details of the SDM add-on module is available by contacting your local sales office.

You can view this release online here.

Sonardyne International Ltd. is holding a free webinar on its Fusion 2 survey software, including the latest updates, at 11am on May 28. Find out more and register here:

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