Free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Students and Anyone Wanting an Introduction to GIS.

19 October 2020

GeoTools for Employability MOOC  

The aim of this course is to train students in modern tools and and the competences that can help them to find a job in the geospatial sector.

The MOOC is divided into 8 modules that develop several skills such as data storage, spatial analysis, 3D models, etc. It also establishes transversal skills such as analytical and critical thinking, business competences and interpersonal competences.

In each module there are presentations of professionals that work in projects related to the topic concerned. A case study is provided to better understand the usefulness of the particular geospatial technologies that are covered. Finally, there are exercises explaining the use of tools and technologies step-by-step, which can be replicated to train as a real geospatial professional.
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Remote Hydrography
Inovation & Application 2021
Dates to be announced
NOC, Southampton, UK 
Remote Hydrography postponed to 2021
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