Issue 74 - April 2019

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No. 74 - Spring 2019 

Table of contents

  • From the Federation
  • From the Editor
  • Membership News
  • Fellowship 2018
  • Corporate Members Directory
  • Meet the Board | Andy Dare
  • Around the Regions
  • Feature | Multispectral Backscatter for Classification of Seabed Sediment Types
  • Feature | Why the Clipper Clipped It
  • Feature | Can CSB Provide Navigational Value in Highly Dynamic Coastal Zones
  • Short Feature | The Curious Case of Roberto Calvi
  • Short Feature | (John) Wiffill's Spring
  • Education Matters | UCL-PLA Course Relaunch
  • Education Matters | Fugro Academy Cat B Course
  • Education Matters | SEA-SEIS Schools Outreach
  • Education Matters | Thrown in at the Deep End
  • Events in Focus | MMF62
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

Cover: Escape from the Castle
(c) John Fraser, NORBIT UK Ltd

An ASV C-Cat 3 equipped with a NORBIT iWBMSh high resolution multibram system pictured at Eileen Donan Castle, in the Highlands of Scotland, during a bridge inspection and engineering survey

hpas_image.jpg (6.0 K)
The International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) Hydrographic Professional Accreditation Scheme (HPAS) is now open for applicants.
For further information go to our HPAS page

rh_logo_20210622.jpg (12.0 K)
Remote Hydrography Conference and Exhibition
22-24 February 2022, Dublin
For further information see the Remote Hydrography web pages.

If you have missed a regional or national presentation, or event, you can catch-up via The Hydrographic Society UK YouTube channel.
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Alan Ingham Award
Recognising excellence in students and recent graduates

Deadline 31st December

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Student Presentations Evening (Plymouth)

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